Imagine a world where healthcare means shorter wait times and less paperwork. A world where patients have more ways to connect with their healthcare providers. Patients can make an appointment online. Check in and pay at a self-service kiosk.
Sign paperwork using an electronic clipboard. It’s not impossible.

Ein-Sof has extended experience in development and implementation of e-Healthcare solutions, built on a synergetic system that combines the
Medical expertise of doctors with the technical expertise of software developers.
The system includes a team of doctors with variety of expertise in clinical operations, as well as in consultancy for Hospital Information Systems.
This team is involved throughout the design and the implementation activities, providing the software solution with excellence in performance and information management. Bringing together the best of both worlds, it is a flexible structure that guarantees implementation of best practices in the operation of the Hospital information system and provides valuable advice to the client.

Advantages of Electronic Medical Records Management System:

•   Paperless operations
•   Automated billing
•   Online collaboration
•   Expiry date management
•   Stock management
•   Reduced redundancy
•   Scheduling
•   Cost effectiveness.
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