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Ein-Sof is dedicated to helping state and local governments gain immediate access to accurate and timely information – enabling faster, high quality service to the public. We provide integrated computer and communications expertise and professional services that address mission critical needs today and tomorrow.

We help our clients to define their strategy for implementation of Electronic Record & Document Management System paying special attention on following points:
- Start with the end in mind;
- Undertake an audit of existing processes, number of records / documents;
- Estimate implications of business and compliance objectives;
- Clearly analyze the gaps;
- Look at mandatory requirements;
- Identify required changes to existing business processes;
- Simulation and improvement of existing processes, not just a technology layer;
- Analysis of existing skill levels of the solution's end-users;
- Identify level of integration required for the front office and the business line;
- Assessment of the required ERDMS functionality;
- Identify cultural issues or barriers, ways of working, operational environment.

Our Added Value
- Development of new philosophy in process design
- Best practice experience in creating an Organizational structure
- Development of custom modules tailored to the specific needs of the client

Ein-Sof Solutions for Electronic Record & Document Management System (ERDMS) offers:                                                                                                                                                      
- Documentum Content Server
- Webtop Client
- Documentum Information Rights Management Services
- Documentum Retention Policy Services
- Documentum Transformation Services
- Documentum Administrator
- Documentum Developer Studio
- Process Builder
- Captiva InputAccel Server

Successful Implementations of Electronic Record & Document Management System (ERDMS):
- Government of Republic of Macedonia (16 Ministries and 5 governmental institutions)
- The Power Supply Company of Macedonia-Research and Development department
- Drug Biro - Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia
- Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.

We provide local support through our offices in Germany, France, and USA.

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