Corporate Sustainability

Our Sustainability Efforts

Due to our sustainability commitment and our desire to serve as an example to other companies, we integrate sustainability actions into our own operations. This helps us to minimize our environmental impact and to show how a rapidly-growing company can achieve the symbiosis of environmental and social responsibility and bottom line business success.
We are committed to improving our own operations to be more sustainable and to delivering customer solutions that can help improve sustainability on a grand scale. As we tell our clients, true sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Having in mind that there are always more improvements we can make, we are dedicated to continually improving our own sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct defines what we expect from all employees. It reflects our values and principles, particularly the emphasis on safety, taking personal responsibility for actions and open communication.
The basis of the Code is that we will carry out these activities in a safe, professional, legal and ethical manner and in a way that demonstrates corporate social responsibility and promotes Sustainability. Wherever possible, the Code defines a fair and common sense approach to doing business, with some elements defined by strict legal requirements.

People, health and safety

Consistent with the Ein-Sof philosophy we believe that people are the most important asset of our company. We value the health and safety of all our employees above all other considerations and aim to ensure that we provide a working environment that allows our people to reach their full potential.
Our safety programs emphasize the importance of improving behaviour and of individuals taking personal responsibility. All injuries at work are regarded as unnecessary and avoidable. In case of injury no matter how minor, each one will be reported and investigated. Only by investigating and learning from such incidents the desired levels of safety performance will be achieved.


In a world of rising energy prices, increased scarcity of natural resources, rampant changes in our climate, growing competition from emerging economies, and increased consumer concern about the quality of life, health and safety, corporate sustainability is synonymous with corporate survival.
We believe that being environmentally responsible is the right thing to do; as all of us are stewards of the resources we’ve been given. Our task is to meet the needs of today while preserving the environment for the generations to follow.
As our impact on the environment becomes increasingly apparent, green issues within the IT industry become ever more important That’s why Ein-Sof is widely involved with various green initiatives.

We are proud to be a part and big supporter of the Tree Day campaign from it’s beginning in 2008 when 2 million trees were planted all around Macedonia, representing one for each of Macedonia’s citizens.
Tree Day traces path of peace and friendship in fifth mass campaign for planting trees throughout Macedonia and border crossings towards neighbouring countries. Today the campaign rightly bears logo "Balkan Tree Day - Plant Your Future!” Balkan is the treetop, Macedonia is the tree trunk, whereas the roots are common.
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