Success stories

1. Client Name: FORGE,Inc.
Greetings Ein-Sof:

It is with tremendous satisfaction that I write this letter of gratitude for the many great results that Ein-Sof has produced for Forge, Inc. over the years.  Without fail the service of all those with whom I have worked has been professional, courteous, prompt and within budget which in my opinion is a terrific character for a service company.
As you are aware, Forge brings a variety of projects, each with unique needs and specialized requirements and I am always impressed with the solutions that Ein-Sof is able to produce and most particularly with the Fortlink project over this past year.

We look forward to working more intently and frequently with your company.
Thank you,
Thomas J. Hanks
CEO Forge, Inc.

2. Client Name:
"We've just received today the results of our client’s acceptance tests on the project.

The results are excellent since no bug was found during those tests, which confirms the trend. That's why I would like to congratulate the Ein-Sof’s team, whose efforts have also contributed to this good result.
If we are able to carry on this way, I'm quite sure we will be able to start new projects with your company.
In the next months with a positive impact on both Ein-Sof and 
our business. "

Best regards
Engineering Manager.......

3. Client Name:

  "I just wanted to share with you that we have successfully presented and delivered the Project to our clients  today. 
The customer was very clearly pleased that we were able to demonstrate our ability to deliver the promised scope on time!

I would like to personally thank you on half of our team for your major contributions to this successful delivery. "

Best regards                                        
Director, Global Technology........

4. Client Name:
"Hi Marjan,

Global remark: Ouahhhh, the result is impressive!


5. Client Name: EXPIK

"To the entire staff at Ein-Sof,

Please accept our gratitude for successfully implementing document management system – Documentum, and implemented module for archiving documents, fully designed and developed by Ein-Sof.

Your staff was extremely helpful during the whole process. It was a pleasure partnering with you.

6. Client Name: 310 Web and Design Studio

"To Whom It May Concern,

With this letter hereby we confirm that Ein-Sof has effectively performed an implementation of our medical software “FEMR” project.

The purpose of the “FEMR” software is automation of all the processes in Frontline Medical Clinics. Thus and the name comes to be Frontline Electronic Medical Records (FEMR) management system.

Frontline Medical is an organization of 10 Clinics all located in Los Angeles’s different districts. Team of Surgeons and accompanied with 70 personnel administration treats about 6,000 patients per month. Since the teams are mobile and interchanging between our 10 locations we needed a contemporary software system that will help effectively manage our work. Ein-Sof was involved in the project from its beginning and from the phase of Business Analyses and consulting, then software design and software production. Ein-Sof provided full service in software implementation as well as training of the staff.

We strongly recommend Ein-Sof as a professional partner in the domain of the medical management software production and implementation because of its strength in business analyses and guidance and as high quality software production."

Ronnies W. Case

7. Client Name: Zito Vardar Group

"To Whom It May Concern,

The Module for electronic archiving that Ein-Sof successfully implemented for our needs, exceeded our expectations on several occasions.

We have been very pleased with the reliability and their commitment to "professionalism" in carrying out their services and support."

Danka Grkova-Jovanova
IT Manager

8.  Client Name: Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia

"To the entire staff at Ein-Sof:

Please accept our gratitude for innovatively redesigning our website, giving it a contemporary look, yet making it extremely user-friendly. Your staff should be commended on their professionalism and eagerness to solve all issues that occured.They were extremely helpful during the start-up phase, offering us In-depth tutorial and continue to be available at all times to answer questions and offer guidance.

It was pleasure partnering with Ein-Sof for the redesign of our website, and would highly recommend you to our peers. We thank you once again for your creativity, patience and professionalism during the initial discussion phase to the final realization of the product."

Invest in Macedonia
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